‘I Told You So’ is a phrase that nearly all of us have either delivered or received!

Being on the receiving end, it can ruffle up your feathers by highlighting your misfortune or mistake.

For the mouth that utters these words, it plays a somewhat dangerous role. It lulls one into overestimating their capabilities, regardless of what field or context the phrase is used in.

Do remember that a lot of our ‘successes’ and ‘failures’ have an element of luck, whether you like it or not!

When it comes to the stock markets and investing, shooting an ‘I Told You So’ can be extremely satisfying. However, by doing so, you are asserting that the favorable outcome was entirely due to your ‘expertise’, failing to give due credit to multiple things (that are out of your control) working out which eventually led to that favorable outcome. We call these multiple things, ‘luck’!

To be successful as an investor, you need to take into cognizance that the market is driven by a range of probabilistic outcomes and of course, by a strong dose of luck!

Be a confident investor! But do not fall prey to what I call, the ‘I Told You So’ syndrome!

I made the visual content using ‘PiktoChart’ ( As someone without any real visual content creation knowledge, I found their tools to be incredibly easy-to-use and highly intuitive! This is not a promotion, it is just my personal opinion!

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